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August 24, 2019 – Today is Day 107 of our 144 Day Campaign – Only 37 Days remaining until the end of Our Campaign.

Our goal is to reach $700,000 and complete our fund raising campaign no later than September 30, 2019.

As of today, we are at $519,570 which is 74.2% of our goal!  THANK YOU to all who have donated!  Your yard signs are on the way! 😊

As of today, 61.6% of lakefront property owners have contributed to this project.

Our goal is 100% participation because…WE NEED EVERYONE’S HELP!

One way to view our fund raising campaign effort is as a “Zero Sum” strategy. That means for every donation we receive below $10 per foot, there must be a donation above $10 per foot to meet our $700,000 goal.  Please consider this when making your donation.  Thanks!  As of today, 61.6% of property owners have contributed 74.2% of the $700,000 goal.

If you prefer not to donate now, you can pledge your contribution on our website & send a check at a later date.  This makes us more competitive because we can count pledged donations when filing our grant proposal with the Michigan DNR.  Please consider this option if you prefer not to donate now.  Thanks!

NOTE: Many companies offer matching funds to tax exempt organizations (501(c)(3) for their employees & retirees. Please consider the Gull Lake Dam Association in your matching fund designations.



The Gull Lake Dam has been controlling lake levels since 1883.  Without it, there would be no lake level or shoreline stability!

About the Dam


A functional dam ensures the control of water levels within inches. Help us maintain seasonally-consistent water levels by reconstructing the dam.

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The Gull Lake Dam Association was formed in 1921. Our goal is to operate and maintain the dam and maintain the historical levels of Gull Lake.

About GLDA
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Gull Lake Dam Association

The mission of Gull Lake Dam Association since 1921 is to maintain the dam, protect the historic lake levels, check weather forecasts, adjust the dam seasonally, and conduct dam safety inspections. A new dam will enable us to maintain stable, usable water levels for 100+ years to come.