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You Love Your Lake. We're Building the Dam! Gull


Our Fund-raising Campaign

The capital fundraising campaign to build our new dam officially began on May 10, 2019.   We met our goal in late May 2020.  In those 12 1/2 months, we sent out several mailings (US Post and e-mail), delivered hundreds of yard signs, knocked on doors, had fund-raising events (e.g. AVB) and the list goes on.  Now that the fundraising part of the project is completed, I thought you might want to see the demographics of our campaign.  On can draw many conclusions from these data.  One that stands out for me is that 18% of the donors did not own property on Gull Lake.   It speaks to the generosity of folks who cared about Gull Lake, but did not live on its shores.  Secondly, we asked for $10 per foot of frontage.  The average amount donated was $14.27 per foot!  This allowed us to meet our goal with 85.6% participation.  While there is a tendency to think about the 14.4% who did not contribute, I think it is important to remember that 85.6% who did donate.  By any standard, this is a very high rate of participation for a voluntary donation campaign.  What an amazing community!

                                 GLDA DONATION STATISTICS
Donation Distribution Frequency % of Total
$20 – $99 32 4.5%
$100 – $499 168 23.8%
$500 – $999 157 22.3%
$1000 – $4999 320 45.4%
$5000 or greater 28 4.0%
Total 705 100.0%
Lake Front Distribution (Feet) Frequency % of Total
No Frontage 127 18.0%
1-20 13 1.8%
21-50 148 21.0%
51-100 234 33.2%
>100 183 26.0%
Total 705 100.0%
Donations/Foot (excludes non-givers) $14.27
Non-givers 14.4%