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Gull Lake Dam

The Gull Lake Dam has regulated the waters of Gull Lake since the 1830s. Although maintenance and care has allowed the dam to function properly, a recent inspection and life cycle engineering study conducted by Prein & Newhof has found that the Gull Lake Dam is in need of replacement. Having lived well beyond the average dam lifespan of 100 years (currently 135 years old), the dam’s structure has been compromised with cracks, fractures, and seepage. It has been determined that the dam embankment has reached the end of its usable life.

According to Prein & Newhof, the following measures (pdf) are recommended regarding the Gull Lake Dam:

  • Completely removing the old mill foundation wall and spillway
  • Regrading the downstream slope of the east embankment
  • Installing a steel sheet pile spillway with stop logs

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