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Maintaining Your Dam for the Next 100 Years! Gull

Mission and By-Laws

Since 1921, the Gull Lake Dam Association’s primary mission has been to maintain and operate the Gull Lake Dam. The luxury of being in close proximity to Gull Lake is a large part of what makes our community so appealing. Without the dam, water levels and shorelines would fluctuate heavily which would not only limit lake activities, but also negatively impact property values.

To help ensure that Gull Lake remains as a steadfast cornerstone in our community, the Gull Lake Dam Association:

  • Monitors weather weather to facilitate adjusting dam settings.
  • Adjusts dam setting for seasonal lake level.
  • Maintains the dam and its property grounds.
  • Authorizes dam safety inspections every 5 years.
  • Develops plans for capital improvements.
  • Holds annual Gull Lake Dam Association members meeting to share the following:
    • Year end review of dam operation and maintenance.
    • View of income and operating expenses.
    • Discuss long-term capital plans as appropriate.

The link below provides a view of the current Gull Lake Dam Association’s By-Laws (Adopted January 14, 2019)

See the Gull Lake Dam Association’s Official By-Laws (pdf) for more information on its functions and processes.