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Maintaining Your Dam for the Next 100 Years! Gull

Friends of Gull Lake


An unexpected & wonderful thing happened as we began collecting donations for our “Love Your Lake – Build the Dam!” campaign.  We began getting donations from people who did not live on the Gull Lake shore line.

We have received gifts from families who are/were seasonal renters, from visiting friends of lake front property owners and from former lake shore residents.  One donor wrote, “I do not own property on the lake, but I have visited a family as a guest for one to two weeks for the past 55 years.  I am more than happy to support replacement of the dam.”

Another donor wrote, “I discovered Gull Lake in 2002 and have spent every summer here since.  All year long I think about returning in July.  There is nothing better.  Although I don’t own property on or near the lake, I’d still like to make a small contribution – just to be part of this preservation of my favorite place in the world.”

Generosity comes from all directions…


Love your Lake.  Build the Dam!  Visit our Donation page.