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Maintaining Your Dam for the Next 100 Years! Gull

Letter Signing Party

On May 8, 2019 the Gull Lake Dam Association held a letter addressing party

at the MSU Biological Station – Carriage House Classroom.

Twenty volunteers spent two hours personalizing donation letters,

addressing and stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes and adding postage.

They are:

  • Betsy Bastien
  • Michael Brundage
  • Betsy English
  • Bill English
  • Jean Gemrich
  • Sue Harrison
  • Rick King
  • Char Longman
  • Eric Longman
  • Sue Markus
  • Valli McDougle
  • Betty Miller
  • Kate Miller
  • Craig Mumy
  • Crystal Richman
  • Rollin Richman
  • Mary Sullivan
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Carol Tedrow
  • Ruth Ann Uggen

None of this would have been possible without these volunteers giving generously of their time, energy and good humor!

Please accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your support.

– Jeff P.

In order to ensure that the Gull Lake Dam remains as a staple of our community, visit our Donation page and do your part!