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Maintaining Your Dam for the Next 100 Years! Gull

Some of Our Favorite Rumors!

It is always interesting to hear all the rumors that spring up during a fund-raising campaign.  Here are a few we’ve heard:

  • The 136 year old Gull Lake dam is good for another 100 years, so it doesn’t need to be reconstructed now.
  • We are not really building a dam – its all a scam!
  • The project’s goal is to help other local area lakes siphon off flood waters through our dam.
  • The Michigan DNR Grant is guaranteed so we don’t need to collect all $700,000.
  • The 4 local townships and/or 2 surrounding counties will fund any additional fund raising shortfall.
  • Wealthy residents have committed to making up any campaign shortfall so we don’t need to collect from all residents.
  • Jeff Price is not a real person (my personal favorite!).

None of these rumors are true!


Love your Lake.  Build the Dam!  Visit our Donation page.