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Maintaining Your Dam for the Next 100 Years! Gull


  • A Message from Prein & Newhof

    A Message from Prein & Newhof - February 19, 2020 - "Information on Project Cost Increase"

      "The primary reason the construction bid price exceeded our engineer’s estimate is the current bidding climate. While we try to stay abreast of current construction pricing trends, the past year has been incredibly volatile and very unpredictable. Your project is not the only one that has seen bid pricing that far exceed our engineer’s estimates, as we are seeing it on almost all of our projects. The primary reason for this trend is that roaring economy has resulted in far more construction projects than there are experienced contractors to perform the work. The current high groundwater and lake levels are also causing damage that has resulted in a great number of marine projects, most requiring emergency action.  Many contractors moved out of Michigan during the last recession and the ones that stayed have not been able to find experienced labor to build their businesses back up.  As a result, contractors are having to pay their workers more and they are willing to include considerably more profit in their bids than is the norm for the industry. While we had several contractors bid on your project, the current bidding climate allows contactors to bid high knowing that if they do not win one bid, they will win others that they are bidding on.  In layman terms, there is no incentive for them to sharpen their pencils when bidding.  This overall trend is continuing to escalate, and it is difficult to predict when the resulting bid inflation will flatten out. It is likely that if your project cannot be built this fall, the rebid cost will almost certainly rise to the level of the next highest bidder and likely more than that.   These realities have nothing to do with (GLDA) mismanagement, but more to do with the difficulties in predicting an uncertain future."
  • A Sheet Pile Dam
    The reconstructed Gull Lake Dam will be made of sheet pile.  A lot a folks have been asking what a sheet pile dam looks like.  Two GLDA Committee members visited Weidman Millpond which is a small lake in Weidman, MI in Isabella County. To help you get your bearings, the town of Weidman is approximately 16 miles WNW of Mt. Pleasant, MI.  There is a sheet pile dam located at the south end of Weidman Millpond that feeds into Coldwater lake.   While the new Gull Lake dam will not look exactly like the Weidman Millpond dam, it does give you some idea of what a sheet pile dam looks like.  

    Love your Lake.  Build the Dam!  Visit our Donation page.

  • About GLDA

    About the Gull Lake Dam Association

    The Gull Lake Dam Association is made up of lakefront property owners, local businesses, community members and friends of the Lake. Formed in 1921 the primary goals of the Gull Lake Dam Association are to:
    • Own and govern the Gull Lake Dam.
    • Operate and adjust the Gull Lake water levels as needed.
    • Maintain the Gull Lake Dam.
    For more information on the Gull Lake Dam, visit the History page. Visit our Missions and By-Laws page for more information regarding the Gull Lake Dam Association.

    In order to ensure that the Gull Lake Dam remains as a staple of our community, visit our Donation page and do your part!

    • Annual Meeting

      Annual Meeting

      The Gull Lake Dam Association holds an annual meeting. Please plan to attend and show your support for Gull Lake and its future.
      • The meeting will be held on the last Monday in June at 8:00 PM.
      • The location of the meeting will be determined by the Board of Directors and mentioned in an association-wide notice.
      • A board of directors will be elected by ballot, serving a one-year term.
      • Once the board is selected, a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer will be selected.

      Curious about joining the Gull Lake Dam Association? Visit our Membership page!

    • Financials


      Our Fund-raising Campaign

      The capital fundraising campaign to build our new dam officially began on May 10, 2019.   We met our goal in late May 2020.  In those 12 1/2 months, we sent out several mailings (US Post and e-mail), delivered hundreds of yard signs, knocked on doors, had fund-raising events (e.g. AVB) and the list goes on.  Now that the fundraising part of the project is completed, I thought you might want to see the demographics of our campaign.  On can draw many conclusions from these data.  One that stands out for me is that 18% of the donors did not own property on Gull Lake.   It speaks to the generosity of folks who cared about Gull Lake, but did not live on its shores.  Secondly, we asked for $10 per foot of frontage.  The average amount donated was $14.27 per foot!  This allowed us to meet our goal with 85.6% participation.  While there is a tendency to think about the 14.4% who did not contribute, I think it is important to remember that 85.6% who did donate.  By any standard, this is a very high rate of participation for a voluntary donation campaign.  What an amazing community!
                                       GLDA DONATION STATISTICS
      Donation Distribution Frequency % of Total
      $20 - $99 32 4.5%
      $100 - $499 168 23.8%
      $500 - $999 157 22.3%
      $1000 - $4999 320 45.4%
      $5000 or greater 28 4.0%
      Total 705 100.0%
      Lake Front Distribution (Feet) Frequency % of Total
      No Frontage 127 18.0%
      1-20 13 1.8%
      21-50 148 21.0%
      51-100 234 33.2%
      >100 183 26.0%
      Total 705 100.0%
      Donations/Foot (excludes non-givers) $14.27
      Non-givers 14.4%
    • Leadership


      Gull Lake Dam Association Board:
      • President - Bill English
      • Vice President - Jeff Price
      • Treasurer - Michael Brundage
      • Secretary - Char Longman
      • Board Member - Open
      • Board Member - Open
      Gull Lake Dam Association Dam Construction Committee:
      • Michael Brundage
      • Sue Harrison
      • Ryan Johnson
      • Rick King
      • Betty Miller
      • Jeff Price
      • Jim Rawsky
      • Rollin Richman
      • Bill Sikkema
      • Doug Smith

      Interested in volunteering to support the Gull Lake Dam Association? Visit our Membership page for more information!

    • Mission and By-Laws

      Mission and By-Laws

      Since 1921, the Gull Lake Dam Association's primary mission has been to maintain and operate the Gull Lake Dam. The luxury of being in close proximity to Gull Lake is a large part of what makes our community so appealing. Without the dam, water levels and shorelines would fluctuate heavily which would not only limit lake activities, but also negatively impact property values. To help ensure that Gull Lake remains as a steadfast cornerstone in our community, the Gull Lake Dam Association:
      • Monitors weather weather to facilitate adjusting dam settings.
      • Adjusts dam setting for seasonal lake level.
      • Maintains the dam and its property grounds.
      • Authorizes dam safety inspections every 5 years.
      • Develops plans for capital improvements.
      • Holds annual Gull Lake Dam Association members meeting to share the following:
        • Year end review of dam operation and maintenance.
        • View of income and operating expenses.
        • Discuss long-term capital plans as appropriate.
      The link below provides a view of the current Gull Lake Dam Association's By-Laws (Adopted January 14, 2019)

      See the Gull Lake Dam Association's Official By-Laws (pdf) for more information on its functions and processes.

  • Contact

    Contact the Gull Lake Dam Association

    Want to know more about the Gull Lake Dam Association? Have a comment or question?  Please fill out the contact form!
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  • Gull Lake Dam

    Gull Lake Dam

    The Gull Lake Dam has regulated the waters of Gull Lake since the 1830s. Although maintenance and care has allowed the dam to function properly, a recent inspection and life cycle engineering study conducted by Prein & Newhof has found that the Gull Lake Dam is in need of replacement. Having lived well beyond the average dam lifespan of 100 years (currently 135 years old), the dam's structure has been compromised with cracks, fractures, and seepage. It has been determined that the dam embankment has reached the end of its usable life. According to Prein & Newhof, the following measures (pdf) are recommended regarding the Gull Lake Dam:
    • Completely removing the old mill foundation wall and spillway
    • Regrading the downstream slope of the east embankment
    • Installing a steel sheet pile spillway with stop logs
    For more information on the Gull Lake Dam, visit our History page.

    Contribute to your community! Visit our Donation page.

    • Dam Documentation

      Dam Documentation

      The Gull Lake Dam Association has provided dam documentation.  To includes: P&N safety inspection reports, P&N replacement plan, GLDA by-laws, GLDA articles of incorporation & GLDA Board and Committee minutes and other documents of interest

      Visit our Resources page for resource links related to the Gull Lake Dam Association.

    • FAQ


      Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Gull Lake Dam Association:

      1. How much will the project cost?

      The current estimate of probable cost from Prein & Newhof is $700,000.

      2. How long will the project take to complete?

      The estimated timeline from Prein & Newhof is 12-15 months based on the following activities:
      • Fall to Winter - Complete topographical survey, soil borings and geotechnical analysis, and engineering design.
      • Late Winter to Early Spring – Submit permit to the MDEQ
      • Summer – Bid Project, assuming permitting and funding are available. Submit soil erosion and sedimentation control permit to the County Enforcing Agency.
      • From Labor Day to Early Fall – Begin construction on earth embankment. Complete earth work with enough time to establish vegetation on east and west embankments.
      • Fall to Winter – Construct Spillway
      • Spring – Restore site

      3. How will lake level be controlled during dam re-construction?

      During dam construction, the lake level will be controlled by a temporary steel pile coffer dam and pumps.

      4. What is the projected project start date?

      Starting in fall, there will be a complete topographical survey, soil borings and geotechnical analysis, and engineering design. Actual dam construction will not begin until all funding is secured.  We would like to “put a shovel in the ground in Fall 2019.

      5. Why does fund raising begin in May 2019?

      There are several activities that need to be completed prior to starting our fund-raising campaign. They include 1) applying for a grant from the Michigan DNR Dam Management program to help defray costs, 2) restructuring the Gull Lake Association from a stock-based non-profit corporation to a directorship non-profit corporation, 3) applying for and obtaining non-profit 501(c)(3) status and 4) updating and monetizing the Gull Lake Association website to facilitate on-line giving. We estimated completion of these activities by the end of March 2019.

      6. Why are donations based on per frontage foot?

      Several methods of parsing donations were discussed by the committee. It was felt that requesting donations on a lakeshore frontage foot basis was the simplest and most equitable method.

      7. What will you do if there are excess contributions?

      Any excess contributions will be used to maintain the new dam.

      8. Will you collect from non-lake front property with access or keyhole dock access?


      9. Is the money I sent in for 2018 dues count toward my contribution?

      No. The annual dues will not be used to build the dam. As in the past, the annual dues will be used to maintain the dam and pay for liability insurance.

      10. Why not finance the dam re-construction with mandatory assessments?

      In our deliberations for fund raising, the committee considered methods to allow for public funding. Currently, townships, cities and villages are prohibited by law from donating monies to a private group such as the Gull Lake Association. Shifting costs from our lake association to local government could be accomplished by 1) developing special assessment districts by township, 2) creating a statutory Lake Board or 3) using township general funds (MCL 41.418) through resident petitions (typically done for weed control). These are a complex/time-consuming processes. This is made more complex for Gull Lake because the lake is surrounded by four townships and two counties. Special assessment districts and Lake Boards are government functions that are by definition controlled by those government entities, not by the Gull Lake Dam Association. The committee felt that control of the Gull Lake Dam (i.e. the lake level) would be better served through the largest stakeholders, the lake front property owners.

      11. Have available grants been explored to help defray costs?

      Yes. We have applied for grant money through the Michigan DNR Dam Management program.

      12. Will the Association increase annual contributions to avoid another “surprise expense”?

      There are currently no plans to increase annual contributions. Once the Gull Lake Association has been restructured to a directorship, non-profit corporation and the dam construction project is complete, the Gull Lake Association will reassess annual dues with an eye toward on-going maintenance and contingency planning.

      Contribute to your community! Visit our donation page.

    • History


      Below is a brief history of the Gull Lake Dam:
      • The original Gull Lake Dam was constructed in the early 1830s
      • Powered a mill used by the Price Cereal Food Co until its closure in 1906
      • Upon the mill's closure, the dam's condition declined over the next 15 years
      • With the goal of providing maintenance, the Gull Lake Dam Association (known then as the Gull Lake Association) stepped in and acquired the dam in 1921
      For more information on the current state of the dam, visit the Gull Lake Dam page.

      In order to ensure that the Gull Lake Dam remains as a staple of our community, visit our Donation page and do your part!

    • Resources


      The follow links are provided as references to State of Michigan agencies, Lake organizations and related websites

      Visit our Dam Documentation page for reports and information related to the Gull Lake Dam.

  • Home

    Gull Lake Dam Association

    The mission of Gull Lake Dam Association since 1921 is to maintain the dam, protect the historic lake levels, check weather forecasts, adjust the dam seasonally, and conduct dam safety inspections.  Our new dam will enable us to maintain stable, usable water levels for 100+ years to come.
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  • Sitemap
  • Support


    The Gull Lake Dam Association's primary goal is to provide support to the Gull Lake Dam. The dam is invaluable to the Gull Lake Community as it regulates water levels:
    • In the fall, the water level is dropped 8 to 12 inches to reduce ice damage to the shoreline
    • In spring the water level is brought back and maintained at normal summer levels
    Although the speed of change and exact level is highly dependent on the weather, the dam allow for a more reliable lake level than virtually any other lake in this part of Michigan. Gull Lake shoreline property owners have been accustomed to lake levels which are repeatable to a few inches from season to season. Because most other Southwest Michigan lakes  are not dam-controlled, variations are usually measured in feet. What we have as a community is special, which is why we all need to show our support.

    Contribute to your community! Visit our Donation page.

    • Business Sponsors

      Business Sponsors

      In addition to individual donors and families, The Gull Lake Dam Association is proud to have the following businesses as sponsors aiding in the Gull Lake Dam's reconstruction:


      LKF Marketing! Sikkema Real Estate Team - Berkshire Hathaway Home Services American Village Builders Franklin Beach, LLC Gull Lake Marine Dockmaster Jaqua Realtors United Country Gull Lake Realtors Mac's Garage Battle Creek Honda Innovative Analytics Cottage Home  


      Kooper's Cars & Marine, LLC Hawks Hollow Builders  


      Pender Boatworks The Dock at Bayview Banner Beachfront Equipment LLC Michigan Lawn Services, Inc. Clear Ridge Wealth Management, LLC        

      Contribute to your community! Visit our Donation page.

    • Donate

      2023 Annual Donation

      The 2023 annual donation amount is $50 per household.  These funds will be used for dam maintenance, grounds maintenance and liability insurance with any remaining funds going toward a reserve for future major repairs.      Use "Offline Donation" to donate by check.  This works like a pledge donation.  You will be sent an e-mail with instructions for mailing your check to the GLDA. Use "Credit Card" to donate directly by credit card.
    • Donor's List

      Donor's List

      The Gull Lake Dam Association thanks those who have donated towards the dam's reconstruction. We also appreciate our generous business sponsors.

      Contribute to your community! Visit our Donation page.

    • GLDA Participation

      Association Participation

      As of January 14, 2019, the Gull Lake Dam Association (GLDA) is a non-profit directorship-based organization.

      Anyone interested in serving the the Gull Lake Dam Association Board of Directors should contact any Board member at


      Contact the Gull Lake Dam Association for more information.

  • What's New

    What's New

    Steps along the way... • We changed our name from the Gull Lake Association to the Gull Lake Dam Association (GLDA). • We changed the structure of the GLDA from a non-profit shareholder corporation to a non-profit directorship corporation. • We submitted a grant proposal to the Michigan DNR 2019 Fisheries Habitat Grant Program in an effort to obtain partial funding for our project - Our grant proposal was not accepted. • We have a newly redesigned website ( which provides current information on GLDA activities. • We became a federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization on June 17, 2019. • The GLDA Dam Reconstruction Fund Raising Campaign officially began on May 10, 2019. • We have made presentations of the Gull Lake Dam Reconstruction Project to the Gull Lake Quality Organization (GLQO), the Four Township Water Resources Council (FTWRC), the Richland Township Board of Trustees, the Richland Village Council and the Idlewild Association. • Prein & Newhof (Contracted engineering firm) has completed and presented their final dam reconstruction proposal to the GLDA. • We met our fund-raising goal of $993,000! • We signed a construction contract on July 11, 2020 with Riverworks of Holland, Michigan. • Construction began October 5, 2020.  

    Interested in volunteering to support the Gull Lake Dam Association?  Please contact us through this website.

    • 501(c)(3) Approval
      The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (formerly known as MDEQ) has issued our permit to reconstruct the dam on Gull Lake.  The permit was issued on March 16, 2020 and expires March 16, 2022.  You can click on the following links to review: 1) the permit notice placard, 2) the permit details, and 3) the stamped engineering plans for the dam reconstruction project. PERMIT NOTICE PLACARD PERMIT DETAILS STAMPED DRAWINGS (CLICK BELOW) PAGE 1 PAGES 2 - 5 PAGES 6 - 10 PAGE  11
    • Friends of Gull Lake

      Friends of Gull Lake

        An unexpected & wonderful thing happened as we began collecting donations for our "Love Your Lake - Build the Dam!" campaign.  We began getting donations from people who did not live on the Gull Lake shore line. We have received gifts from families who are/were seasonal renters, from visiting friends of lake front property owners and from former lake shore residents.  One donor wrote, "I do not own property on the lake, but I have visited a family as a guest for one to two weeks for the past 55 years.  I am more than happy to support replacement of the dam." Another donor wrote, "I discovered Gull Lake in 2002 and have spent every summer here since.  All year long I think about returning in July.  There is nothing better.  Although I don't own property on or near the lake, I'd still like to make a small contribution - just to be part of this preservation of my favorite place in the world."

      Generosity comes from all directions...


      Love your Lake.  Build the Dam!  Visit our Donation page.

    • Letter Signing Day

      Letter Signing Party

      On May 8, 2019 the Gull Lake Dam Association held a letter addressing party at the MSU Biological Station - Carriage House Classroom. Twenty volunteers spent two hours personalizing donation letters, addressing and stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes and adding postage. They are:
      • Betsy Bastien
      • Michael Brundage
      • Betsy English
      • Bill English
      • Jean Gemrich
      • Sue Harrison
      • Rick King
      • Char Longman
      • Eric Longman
      • Sue Markus
      • Valli McDougle
      • Betty Miller
      • Kate Miller
      • Craig Mumy
      • Crystal Richman
      • Rollin Richman
      • Mary Sullivan
      • Mike Sullivan
      • Carol Tedrow
      • Ruth Ann Uggen
      None of this would have been possible without these volunteers giving generously of their time, energy and good humor! Please accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your support. - Jeff P.

      In order to ensure that the Gull Lake Dam remains as a staple of our community, visit our Donation page and do your part!

    • Michigan EGLE Public Notice
      The following link (see below in blue font) is the Public Notice for the Gull Lake Dam Restoration Project.  The submission number for this project is  HNQ-2WEA-T21W2.  This public notice was issued on January 13. 2020 from the State of Michigan, Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, Water Resources Division, Hydrologic Studies and Dam Safety Unit. This notice provides the following:
      • A brief description of the project & Gull Lake Dam location
      • A description of the process for permit approval
      • A description of the process for submitting comments to EGLE
      • A list of website locations for all relevant documents
      • A phone number to call to obtain a hard copy of all relevant documents
      Public Notice HNQ-2WEA-T21W2
    • Our Favorite Gull Lake Dam Rumors

      Some of Our Favorite Rumors!

      It is always interesting to hear all the rumors that spring up during a fund-raising campaign.  Here are a few we've heard:
      • The 136 year old Gull Lake dam is good for another 100 years, so it doesn't need to be reconstructed now.
      • We are not really building a dam - its all a scam!
      • The project's goal is to help other local area lakes siphon off flood waters through our dam.
      • The Michigan DNR Grant is guaranteed so we don't need to collect all $700,000.
      • The 4 local townships and/or 2 surrounding counties will fund any additional fund raising shortfall.
      • Wealthy residents have committed to making up any campaign shortfall so we don't need to collect from all residents.
      • Jeff Price is not a real person (my personal favorite!).

      None of these rumors are true!


      Love your Lake.  Build the Dam!  Visit our Donation page.

    • Project Schedule

      Prein & Newhof Project Schedule

      Click on the link to the left "Gull Lake Dam Construction Schedule - Riverworks Construction" to view the current construction schedule. This schedule may be modified as new information becomes available.  

      Reconstructing the 136 year old Gull Lake Dam should not be considered an option!  Please support this project and visit our Donation page.

    • The AVB Fundraiser

      AVB Open House Fundraising Event

      On Sunday, June 9, 2019 American Village Builders hosted a fundraising event to raise money for the Gull Lake Dam Association dam reconstruction project.  Invitees were treated to a preview of the AVB Parade Home on the south shore of Gull Lake.  Food and drinks were generously provided.  Despite the rainy day, 70 donors attended.  Over $23,000 was donated during the 3 hour event.  It truly exceeded our expectations!  The Gull Lake Dam Association sincerely appreciates the support from AVB. LOVE YOUR LAKE.  BUILD THE DAM!

      Replacing the Gull Lake Dam is not an Option!  Visit our Donation page and do your part!